Laura (laurabaura46) wrote,

A note from your mediator

Hey all - I am currently unable to delete people from this community who should not be here (i.e. ninerbabe or what in the hell ever her name is). I will work on that and make sure that this community where everyone can speak out about their frustrations and the tribulations which they have experienced with the greek system, and not have to defend their beliefs against people with different belief systems.

To the people who believe that we should be pro-greek just because they are: this is a free country, and we are entitled to voice our opinions. Our beliefs do not have to parrot yours. Our beliefs are not lesser than yours. Pick where to focus your energy - go pick up frat boys, have frequent sex and allow your grades to drop. Then leave us the hell alone.

There are much more important things to get your panties in a bunch about. Try getting upset about our current president and the "war" in Iraq. There you go, that's a real issue, at least in my opinion.
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